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Whether the market is booming or is bearish, analytics – pretrade, real-time and post-trade –  have become an increasingly important tool for institutional traders tasked with optimizing their trading while managing risk and controlling costs.  Considering the sheer amount of data available to collate from the markets, the challenge to achieve best execution and to "trade your best" can be a daunting one.  At FlexTrade, we offer an array of sophisticated analytical trading solutions designed to give traders and portfolio managers the edge they need to effectively plan, manage and review their investment process, whether it be transaction cost analysis, portfolio trade scheduling or predictive forecasting.

  • FlexTCA

    A comprehensive transaction cost analysis system for trading global equities as well as some derivatives.
  • FlexPTS

    A Portfolio Trade Scheduler to determine the best trading trajectory for your portfolios while minimizing market-impact cost and the risk of underperforming benchmarks.
  • FlexEdge

    Our new analytics module to provide traders with advanced forecasting capabilities for trading U.S. equities.