The Next Step in Algorithmic Equities Trading

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There is no room for error when trading equities, whether it is for single stocks or multiple portfolios with large lists of names. Led by FlexTRADER, we offer a host of broker-neutral algorithmic trading solutions that provide global liquidity with unparalleled speed and quantitative capabilities.

All of our equity trading solutions provide comprehensive API interfaces in C#/.NET, Java and C++, which can be used for black-box trading, real-time drop copies, order management, database updates, risk management real time market data access and historical tick data access to name a few.

  • FlexTRADER

    The world-renowned, award-winning execution management system that pioneered broker-neutral algorithmic trading.

    Our prepackaged, fully hosted desktop solution that offers the many advantages and benefits available with FlexTRADER, our flagship execution management system.
  • FlexDMA

    Experience efficient, direct market access to the points of execution you desire.
  • Mottai

    Our fully integrated, web-based front-end broker trading solution.