Direct Market Access

FlexDMA is a suite of DMA and algorithmic servers for buy-side and sell-side institutions that provide the most direct and efficient path to multiple points of execution, including ECNs and exchanges.

Many sell-side member firms sponsor FlexDMA servers for hedge funds and buy-side institutions who can use the member firm's IDs to send orders directly to an execution destination of choice without it ever hitting a broker's system.  Thus, sell-side firms increase the level of trading services they provide to clients and buy-side traders gain more control and speed.

Features / Benefits

  • Hosted, service bureau-based DMA.
  • Fully customized strategies.
  • Access to a high performance algo container.
  • Flexible, fully configurable order routing, sweeping, smart routing.
  • Real-time, pre-trade and post-trade risk management for sponsored access.
  • Comprehensive post-trade cost analysis.