Portfolio Trading Application

The industry's first broker-neutral, quantitatively enriched execution management system (EMS) that encompasses all facets of electronic and algorithmic trading. Trusted globally by hedge funds and leading institutions on the buy-side and sell-side, FlexTRADER seeks and facilitates direct access to multiple sources of liquidity with incomparable robustness and speed. From a single platform, orders are routed to various points of execution, including broker-dealers, dark pools, ECNs and exchanges.

FlexTRADER offers unique, organically developed and integrated end-to-end functionality, including: pre-trade, real-time and post-trade analytics; advanced integrations with major OMSs; smart order routing; a sophisticated dark pool router; a fully integrated high performance Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine; commission management; indications of interest (IOIs); execution strategies; transaction quality management and execution management across multiple destinations for list and single-stock trading. In addition, its open architecture is configurable for multiple traders over a network, and runs on Mac, Linux , Unix or any Windows operating systems.

FlexTRADER is recognized for its true multi-asset trading capability, and is used to trade global equities, options, futures and FX from a single blotter with comprehensive capabilities such as sweeping, smart-routing as well as cross-asset risk controls and algorithms.

Features / Benefits

  • Fully customized algorithmic trading.
  • The ability to control multiple portfolios comprised of several sub-accounts over many global destinations from one comprehensive trading blotter. Diagnostics such as cash constraints, trade cost estimates, transaction cost monitoring, sector and industry exposure, as well as custom calculations are available on the front-end.
  • Automated, customizable trading strategies include: VWAP, percentage volume, time slice, cross currency multi-asset spread and pairs trading, risk arbitrage, basket trading and inline. Each may be configured to a trader's preferences for aggressiveness and expediency, or placed into a larger strategy, such as dollar neutral/sector neutral, to manage portfolio characteristics, risk or cash constraints.
  • Arbitrage customizable strategies include: convertible arbitrage, index arbitrage, ETF arbitrage, cross-border arbitrage (with the ability to hedge FX exposure automatically) and risk arbitrage (as part of our pairs trading module).
  • Comprehensive portfolio analytics that direct strategies based on historical and real-time information, such as volume profiles, volatility, spread and pricing data.
  • Customizable integrated smart order router, dark pool router and order replacement templates, as well as a full suite of rules-writing capabilities to ensure your system meets the increasing demands placed on trading professionals.
  • Access to over 200 trading destinations, including more than 20 dark pools.
  • A fully integrated, high performance Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine.
  • Full OMS integration through C#/ .NET, JAVA and C++ APIs.
  • Global ASP solution with fully-linked data centers in NY, Chicago, London, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore.