Front-End Broker Trader Solution

Mottai is a fully integrated, web-based front-end trading solution combining market data and leading edge risk management and trading tools for brokers. 

Mottai is multi-currency, multi-market and multi-asset class, and offers mobility and easy deployment across branches.

Features / Benefits

Trading Capabilities

  • A single multi-functional desktop
  • Send orders electronically (Equities, Futures, Options)
  • Track the status of executions
  • Advanced trading features (parent/child orders, basket trading)
  • Technical analysis and charting (over 80 indicators)
  • Optimize your trading strategy with pre- and post-trade analytics
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Order routing to international markets

Market dissemination

  • Top volume, gainers, losers
  • Market indices
  • Time and Sales
  • Daily Lows and Highs
  • Market alerts
  • Technical analysis & charting (over 80 indicators)

Speed and Simplicity

  • Optimizes bandwidth management.
  • Workspace can be customized to suit your needs
  • Search tools offer and intelligent “auto-suggest” feature enabling instant access to instruments
  • Provides one-click access to key features
  • A consolidated browser tool enables users to configure components from a single location
  • Multiple layouts

Risk Management

  • Portfolio risk management – real-time valuation and simulation
  • Pre-trade risk filters
  • Credit limits management at multiple levels (HQ, branch, dealers, clients)
  • Specific tools designed for credit controller – CAT, Mottai’s Client Administration Tool