The Next Step in Algorithmic Futures Trading

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Since an OMS is an integral part of a sell-side institution's business, the decision to change an existing system or get a new one can prove critical to the firm's growth. Several factors -- economic, ease of use, dependable support, flexibility and future growth -- have to be considered. Not only does the system need to incorporate leading-edge technology and comply with all industry standards and rules, it also needs to fit into the firm's existing workflows and growth plans.

At FlexTrade, we provide OMS solutions that cover the entire spectrum of your trading requirements.  Whether it is a fully hosted, out-of-the-box solution that can be quickly implemented, or a customizable solution (hosted or enterprise) that can be integrated into your trading environment, our OMS solutions manage multiple asset classes, trading styles and desks, as well as regions and offices on a global basis. Additionally, FlexTrade's OMS solutions can be fully incorporated with any of our analytical, algorithmic trading and risk management products.

  • FlexOMS

    Our customizable end-to-end sell-side order management system.
  • ColorPalette OMS

    Our fully-hosted, out-of-the-box order management system for sell-side institutions trading U.S. equities.