ColorPalette OMS

ColorPalette is FlexTrade’s powerful, fully hosted order management system for sell-side institutions trading U.S. equities.

Designed as a high throughput, extensively automated system for managing institutional and retail customer orders, ColorPalette’s features include streamlined regulatory handling of current rules for all capacity orders, customer order crossing and internalization management, an open architecture with standard and strategically-placed APIs, complete trade risk management, and TraderIntelligence(TM), a dynamic order-based query.

ColorPalette is also configurable to operate either as a stand-alone system, or as a fully integrated front-to-back solution with FlexTRADER or other in-house EMS platforms.

Features / Benefits

Comprehensive Workflows
  • Complete sales trader and position trader workstation (combined OTM).
  • Clearing and Settlement - Back/middle office and trade processing.
  • Supervisor controlled entitlements.
  • Real-time risk management — positions and P&L.
  • Retail, institutional and market making capabilities.


Key Functionality
  • One click Reg. NMS block trading and crossing capabilities.
  • Market making interface.
  • Extensive routing rules for managing inbound order flow.
  • Basket trading and group routing.

FIX Connectivity

435 connections representing 2,000 buyside firms, covering all major service bureaus and buyside OMSs.


Market Access
  • ACT, compliance, trader alerts, risk management.
  • Orders/executions (Ack, Busts, Fills, Rejects, etc.).


Reporting and Data Extracts
  • Suite of more than 100 daily compliance reports.
  • Post-trade regulatory and trade reporting.
  • Daily EOD deployment of selected report packages via FTP.
  • Support and training for reports.
  • Trade detail research and archive bulk-data queries (13 months).

Comprehensive Real-Time Position and Risk Management Screens

Cross-Sectional Views for:
  • Firm/Desk
  • Trader/Account
  • Trader/Symbols
  • Customers
Tracking of:
  • Position
  • Long and Short Exposure
  • Realized and Unrealized P&L