Sell-Side Order Management System

FlexOMS is our customizable end-to-end order management solution for sellside institutions.

Designed as a global, multi-currency and multi-asset platform, FlexOMS provides a complete end-to-end solution across multiple desks, trading styles and regions, and streamlines the trading process from receipt of client orders to the post-trade analytics of execution. In addition to standard OMS functionality, such as facilitation, agency and principal trading, position keeping, market making and compliance reporting, FlexOMS supplies cutting-edge tools for program trading, DMA access, algorithmic trading and customizable strategies.

Configured to operate either as a fully hosted, stand alone system, or as an integrated front-to-back enterprise solution with any in-house EMS platforms, FlexOMS allows users to take full advantage of market conditions while maximizing their trading capabilities with significant performance and cost improvement. 

Features / Benefits

Order Management
  • Comprehensive management of all types of customer orders over their entire life-cycle.
  • All-inclusive risk and position monitoring.
  • Offers IOI management and middle office management with full integration with OASYS and CTM.
  • Monitor positions and manage risk globally.
  • Multi-facilitate orders via a robust program trading application, including merging and netting of orders.
  • Perform integrated risk management across asset classes.
  • Perform full historical P&L monitoring with a global, customizable view of trading activity.
  • Alerts of crossing opportunities for internalization across multiple desks.


Streamlined Compliance Reporting

  • Persistence in FlexOMS database for custom reports and archiving.
  • Integration with customers' in-house data warehouse.
  • Full audit capability of an order's lifecycle viewable online and via end-of-day reports.
  • Create compliance alerts for exceptions.
  • Integrated with Best Execution Reporting.
  • Fully compliant with FINRA Oats, Reg NMS, Reg  SHO and SEC 15C-3 requirements.


Market Making

  • Full automatic quoting (by spread, price, size).
  • Implementation of execution rules when handling retail orders, such as Limit Order Display and Short Sells.
  • Integrated rules and algorithmic engine for better control over trading process and risk.
  • Pre-packaged algorithms for low touch and no touch trading.