The Next Step in Algorithmic Options Trading

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The proliferation of algorithmic trading in options has dramatically changed the execution paradigm in the listed derivative markets.  The power of trading options electronically lies in their versatility. One must be able to adapt or adjust positions at a moment's notice.  In this environment, traditional market participants are increasingly faced with the challenge of finding and competing for liquidity against automated trading systems which can react faster than any point-and-click platform.  FlexTrade’s options trading solutions, FlexOPT, FlexOPT-RM, FlexOPT-OMM and Derivix level that playing field by providing innovative algorithmic trading strategies that can be customized to meet the unique requirements of both buy- and sell-side traders.

  • FlexOPT

    A comprehensive options trading system for buyside and sellside institutions.
  • FlexOPT-RM

    FlexTrade's risk management and stress testing system for options trading

  • FlexOPT-OMM

    FlexTrade's Order-Driven Market Making System for Options Trading

  • Derivix

    FlexTrade's new options platform acquisition for pricing, real-time analytics, portfolio risk management, and multi-broker electronic execution.